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Lynne Majek
December 27, 2021 | The Loca | Lynne Majek

Happy New Year!

Well, I admitted in my last blog (in August...) that blogging is not my strong point.  However, in 2022, I will endeavor to share a bit more about life here at La Vina Loca.  My husband took early retirement from Banking in December and is joining the business full-time.  So, 1.  There will be more to share and more time to share it, as he takes over entire parts of the business, i.e., Wholesale.  And, 2.  I'm going to try for more work/life balance to enjoy time with him, which has been the same problem I had when working in Corporate...my creative outlet is my work.  I own a vineyard and winery, yet I need to "smell the roses" more and enjoy the spreadsheets less.

A couple of weeks ago, I started a few new lifestyle habits, since I plan to live forever.  Might as well start now!  First new habit is to walk regularly.  This is not hard to do during the growing season, but I'm too desk-bound otherwise.  

This morning, I was joined on my walk by Thor the cat and Ripley the dog (so cute and unexpected to be followed by the cat!). I wore my rubber-soled boots, so I didn't twist my ankle on a rock and have to send Ripley for help, i.e, Lassie.  The vines are dormant, but the temps are in the 80s, so the grass and some wildflowers are doing well.  Eventually, I got into a rhythm of inhale for 4 steps, exhale for 4 steps, which is pretty relaxing.

I hope you take the time to plan something new for 2022.  I love the planning part, execution (like blogging) is harder for me.

Happy New Year.


Vineyard with a view of the sky.

A man wearing cowboy boots from top view.

Vineyard road with trees on the left side.

Vineyard road with trees on both side.

Grass with red flower.


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