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Lynne Majek
January 8, 2022 | The Loca | Lynne Majek

Actual New Year's blessings

In Jan of 2021, it was announced that wineries had to close again due to high COVID rates.  I completely understand the reasons why, but business-wise, it was a very disappointing start after 6 months of closures in 2020.  The closures seemed endless and out of my control.  We were given the option to reopen immediately, if we turned from a Tasting Room into a restaurant (which was better than being closed).  So, we opened as a restaurant in mid-Jan last year and I vowed that I would never close again during normal hours, if I had a choice.

So, I happily opened for 2022 New Year's weekend, when many businesses were closed.  Business was slow, but steady and our guests left smiling.

In retail and hospitality, nothing really stops, the business keeps rolling on with season changes, new years...but the start of a new year does create new energy and enthusiasm, planning and dreaming of what we will do better than before.  I love this energy.  I have laid out a mighty plan for each channel to grow and improve the experience, whether loyal Wine Club member, Tasting Room guest, Wholesale partner, or eCommerce patron.  We are blessed that our Winemaker, Tim Drake, ensures that our wines are outstanding and that is the foundation of everything we do. We will continue to be thrown many challenges....we do operate in agriculture, manufacturing, and retail/wholesale, but I feel so good about this year.  A new beginning...

BTW, the restaurant was profitable and + revenue, so change is good!

Happy New Year to you and best wishes for health and happiness to your family from Majek. 


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