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Our Team

We are in the hospitality business, providing a delicious glass of wine and a place of beauty and enjoyment for our guests.  To deliver this experience to our guests, Majek Vineyard & Winery is a vertical operation in agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retail, led by Lynne Majek.

Our team members are passionate entrepreneurs who deliver on our promise of providing "a damn great glass of wine to every customer, no matter who they are or from where they traveled".

CEO - Lynne Majek

With previous careers in Retail and Corporate Marketing, Lynne had many of the skills needed to start her own business.  After completing a 2 year certificate in Viticulture from Texas Tech, she began Majek Vineyard & Winery in 2014 as a place she would like to visit, where guests can relax and get away from the troubles of the real world. 

CFO - Randy Majek

A well-respected Texas banking executive for over 30 years, Randy is superbly equipped to serve as CFO of the Majek companies.  In addition to his financial duties, Randy can be found in the middle of any project...viticulturist, cellar rat, landscape designer, booking agent...and as the supportive "wind beneath the wings" of his very thankful spouse.

Winemaker - Tim Drake

Following successful careers at Columbia Crest and Chateau St. Michelle in Washington State, Tim moved to Texas in 2005.  He has served as Winemaker at Flat Creek Winery, Slate Mill Wine Collective, and Texas Wine Company.  He started a wine consultancy in 2018 and Majek Vineyard & Winery was his first client.